About Goshka

an image She is a sculptor, teacher and cultural animator. She has BA (2000) and MA (2003) degrees in Sculpture and Glass and also MSc in Economics; specialisation: Economic cybernetics and Computer Science (1986). Currently She is PhD student in Sunderland University. She is based in Durham; before that she lived in Edinburgh (2006-2009), Durham (1990-2006) and Warsaw (until 1990).

She works with a variety of materials. She is fascinated by historical places that are used every day. We pass by without thinking about how much information is hidden in those places; often we prefer to believe in myths, which we are told about the past. To explore this in her work she needs additional space. This led her to the idea of utilising the additional space in sculpture (particularly internal space) created by using transparent materials.

an image Her work is usually quite large scale and sculptural, often exploring various aspects of the human form. She is fascinated by the beauty of human body (even, or perhaps especially when, it is not beautiful in a conventional sense) and by people’s embarrassment when confronted by nakedness. She is also interested in the connection between the past and the present.

She has exhibited nationally (in UK) in the North East, and also in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham, Lincolnshire, Surrey, Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham, Washington. She also had exhibitions and presentation of her works in Iceland, Poland, Hong Kong, Iran, Chile, Columbia, USA. Her most prestigious project was a glass sculpture for the main altar in Durham Cathedral (Echo of the Past). She was the first artist since 16th century who was allowed to exhibit there.

She has organised a community-based art project "It's my Place" in 2007-2009 . It aimed at bringing together professional artists and art students from Poland and Scotland (project website: itsmyplace-scotpol.net).